Winery Custom Crush Agreement

“A lot of people out there start with the same corn bills, but the market wants a story behind the brand and customers want authenticity.” – Pete Barger, Southern Distilling There are economies of scale. By bringing together several small brands to share equipment, facilities and storage costs, and encourage cooperation and experimentation, custom crush operators can see a return on investment much earlier – and offer small manufacturers great savings and comfort. Mass custom crush slots can charge between $500 and $1,000 per tonne for processing (about $8-18 per case), while high-quality installations cost between $1,500 and $3,600 per tonne ($26 to $60 per case). But instead of millions, it means you can only spend $20,000 to produce a vintage that is quite yours. At Owl Ridge, the average customer processes 20 to 30 tonnes, but the minimum company is 5 tonnes. Consultant producer Rick Davis, who custom-designed his clients and his own Calstar Cellars in Owl Ridge, appreciates the reliability of local staff. “The cellar master has been present since 2006 and the team is experienced and works well together. They now know what I`m looking for in my finished wines.¬†Institutions have a wide range of expertise (SMEs). Does the custom refraction installation provide access to the right amount of know-how when selecting between facilities by expert and experienced wine production teams? Does it offer the SME tailored to your specific needs? At the same time, a custom crush facility provides broad access to common knowledge resources, learning opportunities and best practices. If you need it, it`s a good idea to choose an institution that has the right amount of resources.

Wine production in a custom refraction system is a good way to launch your wine brand. After considering the financial, work, equipment and facilities benefits they offer, you may decide that custom grinding is the way for you. There is a lot to offer and you can start with much less capital investment, surcharges and permits. In addition, SMALL business, attentive customer service and representation can be exactly what you need for your brand. The custom grinding customer may be asked to obtain a basic authorization from TTB`s federal wholesaler.