Wheeling And Banking Agreement Maharashtra

(i) In the case of long-term open access, the holder of a distribution licence informs the applicant of the date from which long-term open access is granted and of the estimate of royalties on wheels. (i) an agreement between the distributor and a person whose premises are located in the distributor`s delivery area, when that person needs the supply of electricity from a manufacturer or licensee; (ii) Costs have or cannot be recovered by the consumer or other consumers who have been supplied by the same assets or agencies, or by other consumers, either through wheel taxes, child care fees or other fees authorized by the Commission in the exercise of the powers covered by section 64 of the Act ( xv) The successful bidder with whom the capacities were allocated to pay the transfer fees and, if applicable, the wheel royalties that are determined by bids in accordance with the xii or (xiii) subsection of that clause. Although the energy injected into the grid between 18 April 2017 and 31 May 2017 was not taken into account, the Commission took into account the energy injected into the grid on 1 June 2017 and from 1 June 2017, with the agreement being implemented on 1 June 2017. 2. The buyer and seller have entered into a sales contract for the proposed transaction. The payment of long-term open access fees (if not paid) is made by me. (c) the date on which this delivery agreement must be terminated: (b) if the supplier does not fulfil any of its obligations under this agreement, which may result in a loss to distributors; 19.3.4 Except in the case of a burnt meter or a lost meter, the holder of the distribution license is not allowed to recover the cost of the meter more than once during the duration of the agreement. (c) Assessment of the date and time of termination of the supply contract, if any, and the start of the connection and use agreement of the distribution system: (d) The bank guarantee covered by Regulation 10.2 (c) is valid and remains valid until the implementation of the long-term open access contract if an extension of the distribution system is required and until the long-term open access operation is operational. , if no extension of the distribution system is required. (ii) an agreement between the distributor and a production company or licensee who intends to provide electricity to that person referred to in i) using the distribution system of such a licensee for the turnover of electricity; In its order, KERC found that, contrary to Amplus`s claims, the proponent had not submitted in its petition the necessary bicycle and bank agreements with each licensee, as required by the regulations.