What Does Xfinity No Term Agreement Mean

Similarly, Xfinity plans in the western and northeastern service areas are unlikely to have contractual options, but will have fewer price increases than other regions. The exception is the most favorable plan of Xfinity which comes with a higher price if you do not choose an appointment. a. Xfinity equipment. “Xfinity Equipment” refers to all new or obsolete devices that we or our agent or agent make available to you or rent, including, but not limited, wiring or wiring (with the exception of Inside Wiring, as defined in Section 6 (c) below) and related electronic devices, modems, routers, cables and other equipment , including all software and programs included in Xfinity equipment or downloaded by our customers. You expressly agree that you use Xfinity equipment exclusively in relation to services. You accept that all Xfinity equipment belongs to us or other third parties and is not considered gaming devices or in any way part of the premises. We may, at our discretion, remove or modify Xfinity equipment at any time if the services are active or after the end of your service. You recognize that any addition, deletion or modification of the Xfinity device can interrupt your services.

You cannot sell, lease, sell or donate Xfinity equipment or allow other service providers to use Xfinity equipment, including Xfinity equipment, for which an unturned equipment tax has been paid. Xfinity equipment can only be used on premises unless we specifically allow it. On request, we can move the Xfinity equipment for a fee. YOU UNDERSTAND AND RECOGNIZE THAT IF YOU TRY TO INSTALL OR USE XFINITY OR SERVICE (S) EQUIPMENT ON A SITE OTHER THAN PREMISES OR OTHERS EXPRESSLY AUTHORIZED BY THE UNITED STATES, THE SERVICE (S) MAY OPERATE OR MAY BE IMPROPERLY. You agree that you do not allow anyone other than us or our agents to use Xfinity equipment. You are responsible for the loss, repair, repair and other costs, damage, expense and expense if you do not return the Xfinity equipment to us in an intact condition. To avoid any doubt, Xfinity Equipment Comcast retains its own equipment, and Comcast retains ownership of all Xfinity equipment, including, but not limited to an unturned equipment tax. No termination fees – figures according to month Internet plans are not under contract. A customer does not have to pay a termination fee if they decide to cancel, change airlines or transfer their residence. That doesn`t mean you have to turn off the cable TV and ditch. But reducing the size of a TV package that offers fewer channels will probably save you a goat or twenty.

Just look at the price difference between Xfinity`s different TV plans if you don`t believe me: if you use or indicate the use of the Services, you accept this agreement and agree to be bound by its terms and conditions. No unauthorized devices or manipulations: You agree not to hang or cut a person to our cable network, Xfinity equipment or our (s) service provider, including, but not exclusively, the unauthorized receipt of services. If you induce or assist someone to establish or use an unauthorized connection, or if you switch to xfinity Equipment or services or any other part of our cable network, we can terminate the service and restore damage to your actions. You also agree not to attach anything to the inside wiring, Xfinity equipment or customer equipment, whether installed by you or by us, which affects the integrity of our cable network, impairs the quality or performance of our cable network signal or causes signal leaks. You realize that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to accurately calculate the defect resulting from the receipt of unauthorized services or the handling of Xfinity Equipment or our network, and you therefore agree to pay us, as liquidated damages, the sum of $500.00 per device used for the