We are pleased to start an online booking for Video conference (VC) facility at HO.

For booking , Please follow the below steps :

Step I

Check for your requirement of the availability of VC facility Slot from VC Calendar.

If available follow Step II.

In case of non availability , you are requested to choose another available slot.

Step II

Click here to fill the form .

General Guidelines :

*Only person(s)  who have received this email are authorized to book for availing the VC facility.

*Availability of VC facility is between 10 am and  6 pm. In case of urgent ,unplanned or cancellation of Booking, timing, you can contact ICTC on Ext -119 or 9930969221.

*For VC booking out of the office working hours and on holidays you can contact ICTC on the same extension as mentioned above

*Max available timing slot  per person/booking  per day will be 2 Hrs .

*VC room has to be used only for making VC Calls. Internal or Vendor meetings are strictly Not allowed.

*VC room must be vacated immediately after the booked timings.

*No Bulk bookings are allowed. Only Weekly bookings are allowed.

*No Beverages /Foods are allowed in VC room. You can ask for Bottled water  from Canteen and to be arranged on your own.

*Exchange  of VC time Slot can be allowed, based on both the parties mutually agreeing upon and the same to be intimated to ICTC.

*In case of Technical issue, ICTC shall intimate the concerned parties of booking and shall allot new available time as per their convenience/requirements.

*Multi location booking facility is allowed only from Ho

*For Cleaning related matters, you are requested to  speak to Ms Pallavi Parab or Mr Imran in HK department. Ext : 132

*Please ensure that lights/fans are switched on/off

*Suggestions for this process are welcome.