Safeguards Agreement Text

The system of accounting and control of all nuclear materials for which safeguard measures are taken under this agreement is based on a material accounting structure and provides, if necessary and specified in the subsidiary agreements, the following measures: The parties take the following steps to suspend the application of the Agency`s safeguard measures in the United States under other protection agreements concluded with the Agency as long as the in force. However, the United States and the Agency ensure that nuclear materials protected under this agreement are at least equal to the quantity and composition that would be protected in the United States under the relevant agreements at all times. The terms of application of this provision are defined in the subsidiary agreements under Article 39 and reflect the nature of the imponation of guarantees. (vi) exemption: exemption from nuclear materials because of their use or quantity; However, and other provisions have required adaptation in light of the fundamental differences between the terms of the U.S. offer and the obligations of non-nuclear states that oppose the NPT. These differences reflect several facts: 1) The U.S. offer excludes direct national security activities and does not limit the use of nuclear materials by the United States. The United States may remove a facility from the list of beneficiaries of protection where the facility is related to immediate national security activities and transfer nuclear materials from eligible facilities to any location, including ineligible facilities; 2) The United States is the only authority to decide which U.S. facilities are likely to benefit from protective measures, and the IAEA is the sole authority to decide which entities are eligible for protection measures (although the IAEA is required to take into account the requirement that the U.S. government avoid discriminatory treatment between U.S. commercial enterprises in a similar situation); and 3) The United States has committed to providing the IAEA with information on imports and exports of nuclear materials on unwanted security measures. The Agency is authorized to enter into such a safeguard agreement in accordance with Article III of the Statute of the International Atomic Energy Agency 2 (`status`).

(i) an updated list of entities identified by the Agency pursuant to Article 2, point b), which contain nuclear materials protected under this agreement; and (a) accounting documents relating to all nuclear materials for which safeguards are taken under this agreement; and (d) subsidiary agreements may be renewed or amended by agreement between the Agency and the United States without any change to this agreement.