Recruitment Agreement Polo

5. Commercial license/registration for the exercise of the placement/recruitment activity of the foreign employment agency and commercial license/registration of the foreign employer a. Guaranteed wage for normal hours of work and overtime pay, which shall not be less than the minimum wage prescribed in the host country or not below the reasonable minimum wage standards set out in a bilateral agreement or international agreement, if any, or not lower than the minimum wage in the Philippines, whichever is higher. The contract should specify the basic salary to be paid without compensation and without fixed overtime pay. For foreign employment agencies and direct employers located in New Zealand, Marshall Islands, Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, Cook Islands, French Polynesia and Niue Island, please exchange with POLO – Wellington via their email address: d. Repatriates hired and posted workers and personal belongings if necessary; and (accreditation of the employment agency abroad and direct employers) Standard employment for various skills (with addendum and emergency plan) Employee exit visa (for those going on vacation) Business license / Direct employer registration d. Start/validity of contract (should be done from the workplace) B. Direct employer – Philippine Recruitment Agency (DE-PRA) b. Duration of the contract valid for a fixed period not exceeding three (3) years, subject to renewal. .

IMPT: Please wait for polo tips before making the deposit/payment. GUIDELINES FOR THE RECRUITMENT OF SKILLED WORKERS (INCLUDING NURSES) WHO WORK THROUGH AN H. AGENCY. In the event of death from a serious illness, repatriation of the employee`s remains and sending of his property at the expense of the employer; . If the domestic worker is in the Philippines, please include the copy of the exit/return visa used or the stamped page of the Suadi/Philippine Immigration Verification Fee: Hiring one (1) worker in the work order – AU$54.00 Hiring of two (2) or more workers in the work order – AU$162.00 Payable to POLO-Embassy of the Philippines by Australian Money Order or bank transfer. Work order/request for personnel from the Foreign Placement Agency to the Philippine Recruitment Agency, indicating the positions, the number of positions required and the salary per position with other basic conditions of employment; 40SAR Fee + 94SAR OWWA Membership Total 134SAR * You may personally register/renew your OWWA membership by submitting the above documents and paying the prescribed fee to the Philippine Overseas Labor Office, Embassy of the Philippines, Berlin or during the latter`s outreach mission on the date and place that will be announced in the future. .  b. Guarantees compliance with its contractual obligations as approved by POLO and processed by POEA; Note: Either the standard POEA employment contract, which can be downloaded from this link: an employment contract prepared by the company with addendum (Appendix A) can be submitted. ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS if the client is an employment agency that represents the employment contract of the employer Master of the direct employer, as required by requirement No.

4 of the foreign employment agency i. Compulsory insurance with minimum coverage according to R.A. 10022 at no cost to the employee. Philippine Embassy-POLO, 1 Moonah Place Yarralumla, ACT 2600, Australia v. ensures the best working and employment conditions;. . Main employment contract of the direct employer, signed on all sides by the employer or his authorized representative and containing the minimum provisions for employment as follows: REQUIREMENTS FOR ACCREDITATION / VERIFICATION OF THE FOREIGN EMPLOYMENT AGENCY (FPA) AND DIRECT EMPLOYERS WITH THE PHILIPPINE RECRUITMENT AGENCY. C. Additional labor for FPA-PRA-FE and DE-PRA Photocopy of the commercial register entry and license of the company with English translation Photocopy of the company`s national identity card or Iqama/Hawiya/Owner/Manager Account Name: Embassy of the Philippines Berlin Philippine Overseas Labor Office Account number: 701 1625110 00 Swift Code: DEUTDEBB101 IBAN: DE96 1007 0100 0162 5110 00 Bank name: Deutsche Bank AG Address: Unter den Linden 13/15 10117 Berlin Note: All pages of the contract must be signed by the employer and employee and bear the company logo. Previously checked order balance/personnel request. All contributions must be handwritten in English and Arabic.

 c. Place of work/ construction site (The transfer of workers to another country is not allowed, except in justified circumstances and with the consent of the Posting Agency and POLO, and provided that the project/construction site of the rezoning is accredited/registered with polo/POEA and their location/country is certified compliant in accordance with R.A. 10022. Any transfer of workers of this type must be reported to the POEA. 15. Status of posted workers (necessary for renewal) e. Support and cooperation with polo, POEA and their Philippine recruitment agency for all questions regarding their hired and posted workers. A. Foreign Placement Agency – Philippine Recruitment Agency – Foreign Employer (FPA-PRA-FE) a. Assume full and joint and several liability with the Philippine Recruitment Agency for all claims and liabilities that may arise in connection with the employment of employees, including, but not limited to, payment of wages, death and disability compensation, and repatriation;  g. .

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