Nassau Community College Articulation Agreements

The University of Binghamton School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences has entered into a 2-4 articulation agreement with Nassau Community College, which will facilitate the transfer of students to the Binghamton Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program. To help you get ahead of your graduation, we`ll consider the college courses you completed in high school for transfer credits. If you have taken university courses on a university campus or high school under sponsorship, check out our standard transfer criteria to the New York Tech Catalog and see if your classes are covered by our guidelines. If so, ask your associate college to send the official copy of your course to the New York Tech Office of Admissions. Make sure the transcript reflects the course, credit and grade earned, so that the transfer credit class can be accurately accounted for. If you are planning your training – and transfer – you should speak to our transfer advisors and use our transfer services, including information sessions, the annual transfer program and visits to the NCC campus by representatives of other universities and universities. They gained knowledge inside and outside the classroom. For this reason, we offer you the opportunity to obtain college credits based on relevant academic knowledge, military and personnel experience and a portfolio review. If NCC is your first step on the road to four years of study and a life of learning, you`ll be pleased to know that we`re making it easier for you to change renowned colleges and universities, whether they`re on Long Island, New York, New York Or anywhere in the nation. New York Tech offers a generous transfer credit acceptance policy, which includes not only university courses at the NCC, but also prior knowledge and life experiences, as well as advanced internships and university courses taught during high school. After registration, our transfer evaluations department reviews your transcripts and prepares a personalized and personalized assessment of the credits that apply to your major. These agreements are partnerships between Adelphi and some two-year programs that offer you a specific plan for the program in which you are transferred, based on the associated conclusion you have received.

It also provides you with basic information about the number of credits you need to complete to get your license. With the help of an admissions counsellor, an articulation agreement is a great tool to plan your trip to the University of Adelphi. “Closing this joint agreement with Nassau Community College is not only exciting for Nassau students, who can easily travel to Binghamton,” said Gloria Meredith, founding director of the School of Pharmaceutical and Pharmaceutical Sciences. “It is also wonderful for us here in Binghamton to strengthen our presence in a part of New York State, where many of our students come from and where many of them will complete their clinical rotations.