Goodstart Enterprise Agreement 2020

Our teachers receive salaries in line with the public primary school system. From good tools, resources and training to extras such as administrative support, healthcare, retail and services, to a good work-life balance, Goodstart has the reach to offer its employees much more than most other early childhood education employers. Additional allowances: We believe that additional responsibilities should be rewarded. Therefore, we offer additional stipends to our appointed education officers, teacher mentors and center principals, who are also the appointed teachers. Full Vacation Rights: We give our employees time to relax and provide additional support when personal commitments arise. In addition to annual leave, Goodstart offers a wide range of paid leave entitlements, including: You may also be entitled to other types of leave, such as .B. Study leave and leave without pay. Of course, as you continue to progress in your profession and career, you have the opportunity to further increase compensation. Our company agreement has been approved by the Fair Work Commission and covers the staff of our center, so you can be sure that our payment and conditions are set. Early Learning and Child Care Discounts: We offer generous discounts to our employees – get 15-30% off your Goodstart fees. Flexible work options: It is difficult to balance the demands of work and family life. We understand this, and we help where we can, with flexible shifts and the ability to buy four extra weeks of vacation each year so you have more time for family and fun.

Great deals to save you money: We work with big names to offer you travel discounts like show membership, car rental and accommodation, as well as fantastic discounts on technology, mobile, fuel and retail to save you every day! Supporting health and well-being: Early childhood learning and care is hard work. So that you can give the best of yourself, we offer our staff two days of free wellness per year. We`ve also partnered with Bupa to help you achieve your health and wellness goals and get a better deal on your personal health insurance. And if you`re a fitness junkie, we also get discounts with Goodlife Health Clubs and Snap Fitness. Tax Benefits Through Salary Packaging: We know how important it is to continue to increase your salary, which is why we partner with Salary Solutions for salary packaging – a great way to pay expenses with money from your salary before tax deduction. Financial support when you need it most: To provide additional support to our people and families, we have partnered with Good Shepherd, Australia`s oldest non-profit organisation that supports women and families. Good Shepherd offers emergency financial assistance and interest-free loans for rent and utilities. Employee Support: At Goodstart, we recognize that our employees are critical to our success. In recognition of the valuable role that all of our employees play, our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available to all Goodstarters and their immediate family members. It`s an unlimited service that supports our managers and team members and provides on-site support after critical incidents.

Training Days: We encourage our educators and members of the center`s support team to continuously learn and develop their skills and experience. We offer professional development opportunities throughout the year to stay up to date with state-of-the-art practices. Our educators recently received a 3% salary increase that will increase to 5% by 2024. .