Dod Acsa Agreements

While inadequate registration by the Department of Defense (DOD) and late State Department communications generally provided Congress with the necessary information, they limited the accuracy and timeliness of information provided to Congress on acquisition and cross-service agreements (ACSA). THE DOD and the State have reporting obligations to Congress regarding ACSAs – agreements by which DOD exchanges logistical support, supplies and services with foreign partners for cash or in-kind payments. The documents show that DOD informed Congress prior to the designation of 78 of the 104 countries eligible for CASA. However, the DOD did not have records for the remaining 26, in part due to the lack of documented registration procedures. While the state generally informed Congress of the entry into force of the ACSAs, it forwarded 41 percent of them at the end of the legal deadline, mainly because DOD did not provide the necessary information to the state. These gaps and problems have reduced the accuracy and timeliness of information provided to Congress on ACSAs. Notes: DOD agreed to write this recommendation in its official commentary, which was attached to GAO-20-309 published in March 2020. On that date, DOD submitted a copy of a February 2020 memorandum, published in response to our draft recommendation, describing procedures for collecting and retaining information on ACSA, including the dates of the DOD Conference`s declarations of intent regarding the intention to designate countries for ACSAs and the dates of signing agreements. In April 2020, DOD presented evidence confirming the proper dissemination of the memorandum.

From May 2020, we will continue to work with DOD officials to obtain evidence confirming its implementation. . . . Weaknesses in the Ministry of Defence`s oversight of its assistance to foreign partners have led to thousands of overdue repayments. Recommendation: The Minister of Defence should ensure that CASA`s written guidelines contain registration procedures for notifications and signing dates for the ACSA convention to enable the provision of complete information to Congress. (Recommendation 1) Recommendation: The Minister of Defence should take steps, such as updating the guidelines. B, to ensure the implementation of the requirements for the provision of newly signed ACS information.