Distance Learning Agreement

The use of distance learning technology should not be used to reduce, eliminate or consolidate full-time faculty positions at university or university. The number of full-time teaching positions is not reduced, as distance learning is included in the curriculum. The institution cannot set up a pre-registered education system to replace all or part of the faculty, regardless of the technology used. 4.7.La maximum time you can suspend the learning process is 2 months. For children under 17 years of age, this period is 3 months. If this deadline is exceeded, paragraph 9.3 of this regulation comes into force. Take quizs online and write them down automatically with our free Math Quiz model. Ideal for distance learning. Students can fill it on any device. If the university changes distance courses and/or delivery systems that increase or significantly alter the faculty member`s workload, the university is required to notify the union at least forty-five (45) days before the amendments come into effect in order to negotiate with the union a heavier workload and a higher workload. Presentation and course materials must be controlled by the faculty member responsible for the development and/or teaching of the distance course.

Supervision by colleagues of the faculty member within the department or program is subject to the usual standards and responsibilities of supervision and supervision in relation to the functions of the department. An online tool that allows mobile students to prepare, submit and sign their online learning contracts. While the association accepts the reality of distance learning programs, it continues to reaffirm the ability`s responsibility to play an important or useful role in determining the appropriate implementation of these programs. In 1999, the AAUP adopted the declaration on online and distance education, which reaffirms the fundamental principle: registration. Determining class sizes for a distance learning class should be based on pedagogical considerations. Large sections should be compensated by additional appropriations when allocating the load, in the same way as traditional classes. Workload/teaching responsibility. The time required to develop a distance course must be carefully considered. The association acknowledges that the evidence demonstrating the workload of distance courses remains largely anecdotal.