Can I Be Forced To Sign An Arbitration Agreement

The legal limits of forced regulation are still being defined. Borders depend, to some extent, on the national judicial system in which the agreement is tested, as well as the territory of the country where your case could be tried. Different federal appel appele courts have taken very different positions on forced arbitration in general. Some courts were skeptical about the application of forced arbitration proceedings against reluctant employees, while others have resumed the practice. The questions and factors used by courts to determine whether an “agreement” violates the boundaries of forced arbitration vary somewhat from state to state and federal court to court. Just because you`re forced to sign an arbitration agreement doesn`t mean you can`t object to it. As early as February, Google announced that it would end its policy of forced conciliation in response to employee protests. Your complaints can make a difference in the way a company does business. In 2001, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the FAA applies broadly to employment contracts. Most previous decisions restrict employers` ability to compel workers to accept arbitration provisions under the FAA. .

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