Asc Warranty Service Agreement

After your factory warranty expires, are you prepared for the cost of repairs or a major mechanical failure? An extended warranty offers protection that saves money for gearbox repairs or even high-tech vehicle systems. “The local merchant called and filed a claim. ASC approved the claim and the issue was immediately resolved. ASC is a great deal and reacts exactly as advertised. I recommend your warranty service to everyone” – Bill G. Unfortunately, you can`t compare prices until you get an ASC warranty offer through a reseller. In general, cars that cost more to repair get higher warranty prices. In the same way, covering a car with a lot of miles costs more than coverage for a car a few miles long. You can reduce the cost of your contract by acquiring it early or before your factory warranty expires. Advanced warranties typically range from several hundred dollars to over $1500. However, the ASC guarantee claims to be one of the least expensive options in the industry.

AsC Warranty offers four coverage plans, including propulsion or propulsion protection and bumper to bumper coverage. The company`s lowest level of coverage is more generous than your typical powertrain warranty, which only covers the engine, transmission, and powertrain. At 33 years in business, ASC has a good reputation in the extended warranties sector. ASC Warranty currently has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with high overall customer satisfaction. Customer service is fast and efficient, and customers have reported honest and simple service. ASC also offers a credit calculator to determine how many months you can take to pay for your contract. Customers can use the credit calculator to see how the additional costs of the service contract change their monthly vehicle payments. In accordance with federal emissions rules, automakers are required to cover catalysts for 8 years/80,000 miles under factory warranty. As ASC Warranty does not provide standard contracts online, we cannot say for sure whether the company covers catalysts.

Factory Type Coverage: This is the highest coverage of the ASC warranty….