Acs Publication Agreement

In March 2019, ACS Publications and Max Planck, the Max Planck digital library, signed a four-year transformation agreement to search for sustainable open access models. As part of this agreement, authors linked to max Planck Institutes can publish 100% of their research under an open access license, at no cost to themselves, after adoption in an ACS Publications journal. ACS Read – Publish Agreements is a relatively new development in the field of scientific publishing. Typically, these agreements involve compensating the library`s subscription fee with open-access publishing credits. As part of a three-year agreement with Read-Publish, signed in February 2020, researchers from 11 research institutes affiliated with the Consortium of Austrian Academic Libraries will be able to publish open access expert articles in one of the more than 60 specialized journals of the AcS in one of the more than 60 AcS trade journals, at no cost to the author. JACS Au. Created in 2020, JACS Au is the journal of the American Chemical Society`s (JACS) open-access complementary journal, which will meet the outstanding editorial and editorial standards of the world`s most widely spoken chemical publication. JACS Au focuses on the rapid dissemination of cutting-edge research, which covers the breadth of chemistry and related scientific fields. All articles published in JACS Au are freely available with a CC-BY license. In February 2020, the Swedish consortium Bibsam signed a three-year read-publish agreement, which includes authors linked to 21 academic institutions, including state-funded universities, universities and research institutes. The agreement has the potential to make 100% open access to articles published by the consortia.

ACS handles licensing transactions perfectly with new e-commerce features that are implemented in conjunction with the CCC (CLEARANCE Center). ACS Publications is a long-time supporter of the growing open science movement. In addition to three complete open access magazines, ACS Central Science, ACS Omega and jacs Au, soon to be launched on the air, 100% of ACS Publications magazines publish open access research on ACS AuthorChoice licenses. Now, ACS Publications is taking the next step by entering into read-publish agreements with leading research institutes. Read-Publish agreements can help researchers accelerate the pace of open-access publishing, in part because they take responsibility for the direct cost of publishing articles (PPC) for researchers. In addition, being integrated into the writing process saves time and reduces management and authorisation processes for both authors and library/OA departments. Note: ACS Read -Publish agreements are sometimes referred to as offset or “transformative” agreements. All terms refer to an agreement between a publishing house and an institution in which reading and publishing are grouped together. To see if you`re covered by an ACS Read -Publish agreement, check out below a list of existing ACS-publishing read agreements. Here is a complete list of all the reading and publishing agreements. Open these agreements Read – Publish Research for the world, authors help to find more readers and meet funding requirements.

They respect ACS Publication`s commitment to support open access while allowing chemists to secure funds for an open access license and provide them with an optimized publishing workflow.